Coupons and Instant Discounts When You Need Them

React to your customers based on their buying habits. Have dead spots during the day? Now you can offer special discounts to attract more traffic. Is there any better way to build repeat visitors than offering them a customized coupon? Special Sports Event coming up? Now you can quickly and conveniently offer discounts to insure your business is THE destination.

  • Happy Hour on Tuesday all Drinks Same Price!
  • Buy one item of clothing, get a separate item at 1/2 price
  • Single Product discounts
  • Discount the entire ticket or an item on the ticket
  • Remind your customer through messages of potential savings
  • Price leveling, % discounts, $ discounts

Loyalty (Coming Soon!)

We're working hard to combine your instant discounts with a simple mobile number based loyalty solution. Soon you will be able to offer your customers specific discounts based on number of visits or dollar amount purchased! Complete flexibility. Discount what you want, when you want, and, soon, to whom you want!