Screen Shots (click for details)

  • Your Combos

    All your combos and discounts can be viewed and edited in one place.

    • Simply click to edit
    • No limits on the number of discounts
    • Automatic synch with other terminals
  • Discount Details

    The discount description is provided in one simple, easily readable sentence.

    • Easily editable fields
    • No confusing buttons or pulldowns.
  • Choose Your Items

    Select the items that create your combo.

    • Choose up to 14 items
    • Change your combo whenever you like
  • Choose Your Discount

    Select your discount amount and item

    • % or (USD)$ discounts
    • Apply to entire ticket
    • Apply to specific combo item
  • Choose When Your Discount Applies

    Select the timing of your discount

    • Use a convenient preset
    • Change time of day or day of week
    • Discounts recur weekly