CouponsNCombos v1.0 Features (& Release Notes)

CouponsNCombos introduces coupons, instant combos and discounts and product reminders to your customer in a quick and timely manner. You are in total control of how much, what products, and at what time your discounts apply, all with no intervention from the clerk. CouponsNCombos automatically syncs between registers in multiple register environments.


Installing & Uninstalling App

CouponsNCombos is installed through the Clover App Store. Please accept the required permissions. No other installation is required. The multi Clover register support requires no configuration.

Using CouponsNCombos

Using the Opening Screen GUI

The opening screen for CouponsNCombos allows you to create and edit discounts that will be applied by your Clover register. You can create a new instant discount, coupon, or purchase reminder. If you wish to edit a discount that has already been created, simply click on the discount. The discount list is scrollable. If you are operating in a multi Clover site, any changes or additions to your discounts will automatically be available at other registers.

Adding (or Editing) a Discount

To create a new instant discount, please supply a Discount Name. Next, if your discount requires the purchase of specific items or a combination of items before the discount applies, choose these items. You can choose the timing of when the discount applies by using the presets or by touching the green time links to change the times manually. The discount item can either be the entire ticket total or one of the trigger items specified as triggering the discount. You can choose from a dollar amount discount, a percent discount (which must be a whole number) or a "levelling" discount. The levelling discount is particulary helpful if you wish all items withing a category to be leveled to the same price such as for a "Happy Hour" where all drinks are the same price. The SAVE button will only be available when all of the needed information for a discount has been provided. The SAVE button will automatically be disabled if your Clover machine is not connected to the internet. If a change is made on another Clover register, this screen will be minimized.

Selecting Items that Trigger a Discount

When selecting items that trigger a discount, you will be able to select the combination of items that will produce a discount. You can choose 1 or more products from your inventory. If you wish to remove an item from your discount, simply click the "Remove Last Item" button. The list of items that you have selected will continue to grow. You may choose up to 14 items for a discount combination. When you have completed selecting your products press the Done key. If you do not wish to choose any of the items that you have been considering, press the "Back" key.

Adding or Editing a Coupon

Coupons are setup as two distinct parts. The first part of a coupon setup is the specification of the details of when a coupon is printed. You must (a) Name your coupon. (b) Specify which items, if any, must be purchased in order to trigger the printing of a coupon. (c) The Popup Reminder checkbox if checked, will cause a small popup notification to appear on the register whenever a customer purchases all of the items necessary for a trigger LESS ONE. (d) Specify the QRCode or UPCA code that will generated on the coupon. For UPCA, only the first 11 digits need to be specified. The 12th digit will automatically be generated as it represents a check digit. If you have a UPC code that is 12 digits, go ahead and enter all 12 digits. The last digit will be checked and corrected by CouponsNCombos if it is incorrect. (e) Specify at what times during the day and on what days of the week and during what time period the coupon will be generated. The default will generate a coupon at all times on all days. (e)

The second part of a coupon setup is the specification of when and how a coupon can be redeemed. (a) Specify which items, if any, that are must be purchaed in order for the coupon to be accepted. (b) Choose at what time during the day and the day of the week during which the coupon will be accepted as well as the dates during which the coupon is accepted. (c) Specify the product that is receiving the discount. Your coupon can discount the entire ticket or discount one of the items necessary to "trigger" the coupon discount. You can choose to discount by %, $, or by providing a set "level" price for the item.

Adding or Editing a Purchase Reminder

A purchase reminder will not provide a discount. A small popup will alert the clerk of any "reminder" that you may desire. For example, you may want to remind your clerk to mention your new line of socks if a customer purchases shoes. You can choose at what times the reminder applies as well as on what days.


Here's the top 10 FAQs about our App

1.       Which Clover devices does CouponsNCombos work with?

CouponsNCombos works with all Clover devices.

2.      I get an error screen. What do I do? (be as detailed as possible, or tell them to contact you with a description/photo/screenshot, etc)

This application has been intentionally designed to eliminate any form of errors. If you ever encounter an error, a rebooting of the Clover device is the most attention that should ever be needed for an error. Please let us know if you encounter any issue at all!

3.      My app closes down on me. What do I do?

Your app should be minimized and unused most of the time. It runs in the background while you use your register.

4.      One of the buttons/features doesn't seem to work?

The SAVE buttons will be disabled if: (1) The clover device is not connected to the internet or (2) You have chosen a time for your discount where the start time is LATER than the end time of the discount.

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